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The Full Story


Fiber X Pro was founded on the belief that green, sustainable and renewable products can be part of all products we use in our daily lives.  This is evidence in every produce we represent and those we have developed  for the agriculture, filtration, industrial and road industries. 

We are consistently seeking ways to innovate solutions.  It starts by listening to your concerns.  We actively work with you suggesting options based on prior successes and use experience gained over time to implement change.  Our experience crosses many industry lines.  Lessons learned from one industry may provide a solution in countless other applications.  We strive to implement a sustainable solution through past experience and ingenuity to innovate a sustainable solution. 

Let us exceed your expectations, excel with innovative products and extend to you our great customer service.  We are excited about being on the bleeding edge of formulation of new products and a change agent in the transformation of old products into products for the future.


The founder Jerome Jacobs, has over 30 years of experience ranging in the biopharmaceutical, filtration, industrial, agricultural and beverage industries.  In each of the industries the founder found himself as a change agent seeking ways to innovate change.  Like the founder, Fiber X Pro core value was built on sustainability.   

Fiber X Pro mission is to be the most green, sustainable and renewable company.  Our products starts with cellulose the most renewable product on earth to innovate sustainable products that are safe for both the users and environment.


We are in the midst of a global revolution with driving forces to make us  green and sustainable.  The transitioning is to a zero-carbon economy where value is placed on being green and sustainable rather than the corporate bottom line. 


At Fiber X Pro all products we manufacture and those we represent are the starting material to innovate green solutions.  Sustainability is the core value of Fiber X Pro. 


Our vision is being tomorrow's company today, to build products and services that innovates new sustainable green products for the future.  We do it not because it is the right thing to do, we do it because we are a change agent that is part of the engine driving the next generation.

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